Our team has long-lasting
and proven competence.

Our team

Shareholders, Directors, managers, technicians, administrative staff and manual workers, we all devote our capacity and professionalism, and gear all the company’s resources towards improving each client’s competitiveness. Personalized advice and solutions adjusted to specific demands are provided.

Our staff has long-lasting and proven competence in the performance of business transactions, and vast knowledge of related rules and regulations, products and their applications, software applied, and languages, to ensure transparent and clear communication with the parties involved.

Our logistic staff has been trained to manipulate products with care and safety. Cutting-edge loading and unloading equipment, specific and adequate facilities, and a work method and scheme that provides a predictable framework are available.

Our administrative staff comprises a large number of professional workers especially qualified for transactions involving international merchandise. This sector comprises both senior workers and young new professionals, thus successfully blending experience and innovation.