A business performance that goes beyond fulfillment

Social responsibility

An active and voluntary contribution is made to our community’s economic and environmental improvement.
Aware of our responsibility, our community work begins with a strict observance of labor legislation and working conditions, as well as environmental laws and regulations. The development of practices, strategies, and systems based on this administration and management concept seeks to attain a balance between economic, social, and environmental aspects.

We offer high-quality products and services that meet our clients’ needs, thus contributing to social wellbeing. Our business performance goes beyond fulfillment of minimum regulatory obligations, optimizing our relationship with our milieu. All our corporate decisions are made on the basis of observance of regulations, a respectful relationship with our workers, and protection of the environment, essential factors of our corporate culture.

Along this line, a percentage of our earnings is always geared towards the support of different institutions, social projects, and public-service organizations.